LIS Bibliometrics Conference 2022 – Call for papers

Our 2022 conference on the theme of “Measuring what matters” will be held on 5 and 12 October 2022. The Conference will be free, online and held over two half-days to make it as easy as possible to join us. We intend to record the Conference. You can view our 2021 recordings here.

Please save the dates in your diary and look out for another announcement when booking is open.

an illustration of a megaphone next to some text. The text reads: ‘LIS Bibliometrics Conference 2022 Call for papers on ‘measuring what matters’. The new deadline is Sunday 28 August.
Call for Papers: New deadline: Sunday 28 August

Conference theme

At worst, metrics can be applied in inappropriate contexts, to answer questions we didn’t really ask, or to provide convenient, ‘objective’ quantitative evidence dressed as ‘facts’ while leaving significant bias still intact. Instead, how and where we apply metric indicators should be carefully considered and their use should align with our principles, needs and values.

Measuring what matters’ celebrates the responsible and values-driven uses of metric indicators in research assessment. It is a deliberately broad theme, and allows us to also explore where responsible practice isn’t happening and how practitioners can ‘right the course’ of their organisation or research community.

Keynote speakers

Deborah Stone is author of Counting: How We Use Numbers to Decide What Matters (2020) in which she, “Revolutionises how we approach numbers and shows how counting shapes the way we see the world”. Deborah is Professor Emerita of The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, USA. Her research focuses on health policy, disability policy, caregiving, but also addresses a wide range of policy issues.

A second keynote speaker will be announced soon

Call for Contributions

Do you have something to say that relates to our conference theme? We would like to invite you to contribute:

  • Lightning talks (5 minutes)
  • Poster presentations
  • Breakout sessions (20-30 minutes)

As an alternative to your chosen format, we may invite you to join a panel discussion to debate a topic in a more synchronous, open, way.

The deadline for proposals is Sunday 28 August 2022.

Please submit proposals using this following form

Opportunity for sponsorship

The Conference will be free to attend, and we are looking for sponsors who can support us to host an accessible online conference.  Specifically, we are seeking financial contribution towards or sponsorship in kind to provide:

  • Technical support for our Zoom platform
  • Live sign language interpretation
  • Virtual networking platform

We have in prior years received generous sponsorship from different sources. We are open to support from all sectors including Higher Education or research organisations.

Please contact Bethany Logan ( or Liam Bullingham ( by Friday 19 August 2022 if you are interested in sponsoring.

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