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A roundup of major conferences and events in bibliometrics.

Video Recordings of the 2020 LIS Bibliometrics Annual Event

Video recordings* of the 10th Anniversaryof the LIS-Bibliometrics One-Day conference on ‘The Future of Research Evaluation,’ hosted by the University of Leeds. The annual event included a combination of plenary sessions, oral presentations, and workshops.

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Audio Recording of the 2019 LIS Bibliometrics Annual Event

  1. LIS Bibliometrics 2019 Event: Open Metrics and Measuring Openness Keynote Speakers
  2. LIS Bibliometrics 2019 Event: Open Metrics and Measuring Openness Lightening Talk Speakers

Recording of the 2018 LIS Bibliometrics Annual Event

Other relevant conferences and events

Metadata and Semantics Research Conference. An annual conference series bringing together scholars and practitioners with common interest in the interdisciplinary fields of metadata, data and semantics.

The International Society for Informetrics and Scientometrics (ISSI). ISSI is an international association of scholars and professionals active in the interdisciplinary study science of science, science communication, and science policy. This community focuses on quantitative approaches to the study of science, including informetrics, scientometrics, and webometrics.

European Network of Indicator Designers (ENID). Aims to facilitate and promote the cooperation between institutions and individuals actively engaged in designing, constructing, producing as well as using, and interpreting Science and Technology Indicators (S&T Indicators).

Altmetrics Conference (AM). An annual conference for delegates from across the scholarly ecosystem to explore ideas, hear practical case studies and participate in engaging discussions on altmetrics, scholarly communication, research impact, networks and collaboration, data science and research policy.

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