This page is a collection of recommended external resources for anyone wishing to keep up to date with current practice and research in bibliometrics.

Statements of Responsible Metrics

Research institutes across the world have developed statements regarding the use of metrics. A selection of these can be found at the link below.

The Responsible Use Guides

A series of guides written by the LIS Bibliometric Committee to help use commercial metrics tools InCites and SciVal with respect to principles of responsible metrics.

Responsible Metrics State of the Art Survey Summaries

Summaries of responses to annual surveys of the bibliometric practitioner community from the LIS Bibliometric Committee are available to read.

Discussion Lists

Lis-Bibliometrics Retrieved from

ARMA Metrics Special Interest Group Only accessible to members of the Association of Research Managers and Administrators. Retrieved from

INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group Further information can be found at

Conferences and Events

A roundup of major conferences and events in bibliometrics.

International Relations Resources

This page is a place to gather information about training, professional development, and relevant organizations pertaining to research impact–such as communities of practices, conferences, listservs, etc.– around the world.

Job Archive

An archive of job adverts to support the community in career and sector development.

Further Reading

A selection of books, journal articles, blog posts and reports on topics relevant to bibliometric practice can be found here.

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