How can we use research performance indicators in an informed and responsible manner? Guest post by Henk Moed

Distinguished Professor Henk Moed explains why he has published his recent book Applied Evaluative Informetrics and outlines his critical views on a series of fundamental problems in the current use of research performance indicators in research assessment.


What do we value?

The tension between publishing strategically to enhance standing in current academic culture and increasing the openness of scholarly communications is one I see regularly. Lizzie Gadd’s My double life blog post articulating this tension resonated for many Bibliomagician readers. Moving beyond our anecdotal experience, the Knowledge Exchange Approach to Open Scholarship white paper highlights this … Continue reading What do we value?

Responsible metrics: easier said than done? By Lizzie Gadd

Every year for the last three years I have 'taken the temperature' of the HE community regarding responsible metrics using a short survey.  The surveys have been advertised to the Lis-Bibliometrics Forum and the ARMA Metrics Special Interest Group. Back in 2015 I was keen to understand whether and how universities were responding to the … Continue reading Responsible metrics: easier said than done? By Lizzie Gadd

Tips for reading and interpreting altmetrics research (Guest post by Stacy Konkiel)

Welcome to the first Altmetrics Research Roundup! In these regular posts, I’ll be sharing and summarizing the altmetrics research that’s most relevant to practicing bibliometricians’ daily work. In other words, I’ll stay on top of the literature so you don’t have to. Our first post will cover an important but relatively unknown issue in altmetrics: … Continue reading Tips for reading and interpreting altmetrics research (Guest post by Stacy Konkiel)

Who is responsible for responsible metrics?

There are many stakeholders in the world of research evaluation by numbers, and the Metric Tide Report did a great job of teasing out who should be doing what. At the ARMA Conference this year, the Metrics Special Interest Group (SIG) brought together a fantastic panel of those stakeholders to get an understanding of how they have responded to the Metric Tide report: what is happening in the world of responsible metrics, and what needs to happen next?

The metric tidal wave – guest post by Karen Clews

Like most institutions, the release of the Metric Tide report in July 2015 came at a busy time for us. We were in the midst of a REF open access campaign, continuing our work to embed our CRIS (Pure) into institutional processes, and thinking about how to increase our research data management provisions without breaking the bank.

SciVal’s Field weighted citation impact: Sample size matters!

SciVal’s field-weighted citation impact (FWCI) is an article-level metric that takes the form of a simple ratio: actual citations to a given output divided by the expected rate for outputs of similar age, subject and publication type.  FWCI has the dual merits of simplicity and ease of interpretation: a value of 2 indicates that an … Continue reading SciVal’s Field weighted citation impact: Sample size matters!