Book review: “Measuring research: what everyone needs to know”.

Lizzie Gadd reviews a new introductory text, "Measuring Research: what everyone needs to know" by Cassidy Sugimoto and Vincent Larivière. The research community has been crying out for a decent primer on all things bibliometrics.  And now we have one. And it's a good one - no doubt about that.  It's well-written by two people …


Outputs: Responsible Bibliometrics in Practice Event

Here are the links to presentations given at the recent #respbib18 conference at Altmetric, 30 January 2018. Many thanks to all the presenters, and to the participants, for a stimulating day. 9:00-9:45            Registration and refreshments 9:45-9:55            Welcome: Josh Clark, Altmetric 9:55-10:00          Introduction from the LIS-bibliometrics Committee: Elizabeth Gadd, Chair and Research Policy Manager at Loughborough …

Responsible use of metrics: an evaluative framework is essential, but cannot be grounded in informetric research – Guest post by Henk Moed

In this post Prof. Henk Moed outlines why the term evaluative framework refers to a specification of the qualitative principles and considerations that provide guidance to a concrete assessment process. In her latest blog post: There’s no such thing as a bad metric, Lizzie Gadd calls on those who feel committed to the responsible use …


There’s no such thing as a bad metric.

Lizzie Gadd warns against jumping on 'bad metrics' bandwagons without really engaging with the more complex responsible metrics agenda beneath. An undoubted legacy of the Metric Tide report has been an increased focus on the responsible use of metrics and along with this a notion of 'bad metrics'.  Indeed, the report itself even recommended awarding an …


How can we use research performance indicators in an informed and responsible manner? Guest post by Henk Moed

Distinguished Professor Henk Moed explains why he has published his recent book Applied Evaluative Informetrics and outlines his critical views on a series of fundamental problems in the current use of research performance indicators in research assessment.