Research evaluation: things we can learn from the Dutch

Lizzie Gadd spent some time with the Research Intelligence Network of the Netherlands, and explains why she's a little bit in love with the Dutch... A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Amsterdam talking to research evaluation colleagues from across the Netherlands. It was the second meeting …


Responsible use of metrics: an evaluative framework is essential, but cannot be grounded in informetric research – Guest post by Henk Moed

In this post Prof. Henk Moed outlines why the term evaluative framework refers to a specification of the qualitative principles and considerations that provide guidance to a concrete assessment process. In her latest blog post: There’s no such thing as a bad metric, Lizzie Gadd calls on those who feel committed to the responsible use …

Who is responsible for responsible metrics?

There are many stakeholders in the world of research evaluation by numbers, and the Metric Tide Report did a great job of teasing out who should be doing what. At the ARMA Conference this year, the Metrics Special Interest Group (SIG) brought together a fantastic panel of those stakeholders to get an understanding of how they have responded to the Metric Tide report: what is happening in the world of responsible metrics, and what needs to happen next?

The metric tidal wave – guest post by Karen Clews

Like most institutions, the release of the Metric Tide report in July 2015 came at a busy time for us. We were in the midst of a REF open access campaign, continuing our work to embed our CRIS (Pure) into institutional processes, and thinking about how to increase our research data management provisions without breaking the bank.