LIS-Bibliometrics Conference 2021: “New tools and new technologies: bibliometrics in action for a new decade”

An update and announcement about the (virtual) 2021 LIS-Bibliometrics Conference.

Update: registration now open! Check out the LIS-B Conference website for details.

This year’s conference on the theme of “New tools and new technologies: bibliometrics in action for a new decade” will be held on 28th April and 5th May 2021 (2pm-5pm BST with training on May 5th – training times yet to be determined) with keynote addresses from Ingrid Bauer from CESAER and the Vienna University of Technology and Ludo Waltman from the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University. Because of the pandemic we will move the conference online and split it into two half days – we hope this will allow many of you to join us. Save the dates in your diary, and look out for a further announcement that booking is open. We are looking forward to a new decade of bibliometric activity that builds on existing approaches and existing data sources to answer new questions, or in new ways.

LIS-Bibliometrics Logo

Conference themes are 

  • New techniques: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in bibliometrics
  • New tools: advantages, limitations, real-world application 
  • New data sources
  • New uses of bibliometrics in assessment and evaluation
  • New meaning: Semantic assessment of citations

Call for Contributions

Do you have something to say that relates to our conference themes? We are open to 5 minute lightning talks as well as longer presentations of 20 minutes, where you can talk about how you have addressed practical challenges using “new tools and new technologies”. Tell us what you can offer using our online form at Deadline for submissions is 29th March 2021.

Call for Host and Sponsorship

This year’s conference will be delivered online and over two half days on 28 April and 5 May, to enable the widest possible audience worldwide. The planning committee now invite expressions of interest in sponsoring and/or hosting the conference.

Can you offer hosting services to run the online conference? This would need to offer attendance for up to 500 registered participants and moderation for the different speakers/sessions, including a panel discussion and workshops, so as well as conference software like Zoom you would need to offer technical/administrative support on the day. If your institution is interested in this contact Stephen Grace by 26th  March 2021.

We are also open to sponsorship of the conference. The conference has been free to attend for the last decade thanks to generous sponsorship, and we don’t want to erect barriers as we move online. We are open to sponsorship in kind if you can provide the conference hosting environment, or to underwriting the costs of hosting. Please contact Stephen Grace by 26th March 2021 if you are interested in sponsoring.

Essential requirements for hosting:

  • Online video conferencing platform with up to 500 attendees
  • Presentations (1 speaker at a time, multiple muted attendees)
  • Panel discussion (~4 simultaneous speakers plus chair, chair requires control of speaker audio and video, multiple muted attendees)
  • Workshops (from a variety of vendors, may include interactive elements)
  • Q&A and/or chat moderation
  • Technical support for attendees
  • Administrative support (management of bookings, etc.)
  • Automatic subtitling (additional accessibility support e.g. sign language interpreter is desirable)

For general questions about the conference, please contact Thane Chambers at


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