Job Opportunity: Bibliometric Analyst at Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden is looking for a bibliometric analyst.

Chalmers, a highly progressive technological university, is situated on the west coast of Sweden in beautiful Gothenburg.

Information about the research/the project/the department
Chalmers Library is expanding its work with bibliometrics and university ranking analytics. The objective is to support the university management, departments and areas of advance with strategic advice for development. Currently there is a team devoted to this and they report to the Library Director. The work consists of analytics, developing strategies and report on publishing, impact and university ranking in close collaboration with researchers and relevant units within the university. By being active in national and international networks we collaborate with other universities.

Job description
Do you want to contribute to Chalmers development and research impact? If so, an exciting and stimulating position awaits! Your work will consist of studying and analysing Chalmers publications, impact and research collaboration. Data-points include the local system for research information, Web of Science, Scopus and SciVal. You are also expected to contribute to our university ranking analytics. Based upon your results and experience you will discuss development strategies with university management,  departments and areas of advance daily Participating in relevant networks and monitoring the development of methodologies is expected.

Read more and apply:

Application deadline: 17 January 2017

For questions, please contact:
Daniel Forsman, Chalmers bibliotek,, 031 7723751



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