Think of a number, any number…

Welcome to the blog run by ordinary research support professionals within universities who are called upon to perform extraordinary magic with biblio (publication) metrics (numbers).  These professionals are all members of the Lis-Bibliometrics Forum hosted by Jiscmail, and as the title suggests, are mainly from “LIS (Library and Information Science)” backgrounds, but increasingly from other settings – such as Research and Planning Offices – too.


Universities are dedicating more professional posts to the analysis and interpretation of bibliometric data as it forms an increasing role in the assessment of research quality.  However, many Librarians and Research Support staff have taken on this function in addition to already heavy workloads.  The plethora of recent calls for the responsible use of metrics, such as the Leiden Manifesto and the Metric Tide report, remind us that this is an important area to get right – and how easy it is to get it wrong.  So how are ordinary busy professionals supposed to pull the rabbit out of the hat?


Enter The Bibliomagician.


We’re hoping that The Bibliomagician blog will serve as a useful resource, alongside the Lis-Bibliometrics Forum, for practitioners trying to find their way with bibliometrics.  We hope to see contributions from a wide range of practitioners, suppliers and experts on topics of real interest to the community – and in plain English.  We also plan to blog about the key learnings from Lis-Bibliometrics-run events to create a permanent record of them for those who can’t attend. The Lis-Bibliometrics Forum have recently launched a call for a piece of work on bibliometric competencies, sponsored by Elsevier, the results of which will be hosted on the blog.  We also hope to host a collection of job descriptions and person specifications for bibliometric-related posts which might be useful to the community.  


So, let’s get this show on the road! Let us know if there are particular topics you’d like to see covered, and hopefully, together we can support our institutions to do bibliometrics responsibly and well.


Elizabeth Gadd

Lis-Bibliometrics Founder and Co-owner

June 2016